Brutalist Abstract Relief by Ron Hitchins (BRITISH, 1926-2021)

A panel of 14 Ron Hitchins tiles in resin, from the latter part of the 20th Century. 


Dimensions (cm, approx):

Height: 45

Width: 19

Born in the 1920s in London, Ron Hitchins moved to Hackney aged 13 and started a market stall on the infamous Ridley Road, he invented the button down shirt and flared trousers. Known as ‘The Flash’ he was a colourful character in London’s East end. Eventually he started to design small terracotta necklaces with interesting abstract designs that he sold on his stall. From this a developed a career as an artist. He primarily designed wall hangings that were composed of a selection of individually designed terracotta tiles. Apart from terracotta he also worked with fibreglass. His designs were often inspired by foreign design influences, notably Aztec. Although much loved as an artist, Hitchins was first and foremost known as an avid Flamenco dancer. He almost single-handedly introduced London to this form of dancing and until his death in 2019 he remained an active member of the Flamenco Dance scene. 


Please enquire for a delivery quote prior to purchase. Alternatively collection can be made from London SW18.

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